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(Account) on DESTITUTION

 (To a dear friend) Your fear of finding yourself wandering along the side of the road is not so unusual.  I have visited that fear on a number of occasions in the past.  Fear does that because it is about being powerless or having no control over your destiny.  But you are not powerless.  You can effect incremental changes in your life that will have an impact on that possible outcome. 

 When I was in India I went to Sita’s birthplace at Janakpur.  It was fiercely hot but the temple was beautiful. I remember a wide white pavement as I walked around in my white Kurta (simple pyjama suit) trying to fend off the sun.  An Indian man suddenly appeared out of the crowd and stopped me.  In that familiar way that Indians have he good humouredly interrogated me. “Where are you from?” he asked and, “What is your career?”  and “Where do you live?” I answered his questions and his curiosity satisfied he walked on ahead.  At around 25 yards or so he stopped and called back to me.

“Hey Englishman!”

“Yes.” I answered looking up. 

“Courage and self confidence.” and he turned and was gone.

I was slightly bemused by this encounter but it eventually slipped from my mind.  Weeks passed before our pilgrimage took us back home to Pinjore.  When we arrived we found that a saint had come to visit. He was quiet, gentle unassuming man of 111 years old. Fitter than me and he was walking around India on a pilgrimage.  I was introduced to him but we spoke very little.  Days passed and one morning as I ventured out to visit the large underground hall in which I used to meditate he was waiting for me at the door. 

“Hello.” I said a little quizzically wondering why he was waiting there.  We struck a brief conversation. I asked where he was from and he said that he lived in one of one hundred and eight caves in Nepal.  I asked if he practised yoga and he said that he used to practice and teach yoga but that he stopped when he was sixty almost half his lifetime ago.  I then asked if he taught anything else these days.

He look at me and said, ”Not really.  Only really teach courage and self confidence.”

The coincidence was not lost on me.  Our conversation was brief and now over.  I think he left us the next day.  Mysterious things happen in India and particularly around saints.  If one is receptive they can be a great help.  I did not find it easy to gather my courage or my self confidence in those days especially since I felt that everything I trusted as my personal guide had abandoned me.  But fear IS only mind’s darker aspect and though it is difficult to imagine ever being free from it there is a way to deal with it.  Favour courage and self-confidence.  Let all your choices be the ones that challenge you if only just a little.  You can only end up as a bag lady if your choices in life are the ones that lack courage.  If you constantly take the road that leads to despair then that road will assuredly take you there.  As certainly as the road to God will take you to enlightenment. 

And remember that it is still only your body and your mind and your ego that will be on the roadside weeping.  Your Self will also be there but untainted and still beautiful.  And remember also that wandering mendicants find themselves on the side of the road every morning and the only difference is that they choose it that way.  So it is not about finding or not finding yourself on the side of the road.  It is only about your relationship to fear.  So just look at that sensation and do not let mind expand on it by telling you  stories about destitution.

(Quote) by Ramana Maharshi

“By whatever path you go, you will have to lose yourself in the One.”  Ramana Maharshi.

(Thoughts) And if you hold that life is simply material with no ascendant Reality what-so-ever and that all this came together by chance, it won’t make any difference. That is just another thought form that belies Reality.  That denial is on the path too. Incredible though it seems from a materialist perspective, you are a Spiritual being, and one day it (your spiritual essence) will reassert itself, and if not in this life then another.  But since proof only lies in experience there has to be a moment of awakening even to the possibility. Mystics call this a moment of Grace. 


SPIRITUAL PSYCHOSIS. There is a very good chance that at some unpredictable moment in your life you will have what can only be called a ‘Spiritual Experience’, not because you are in any way special or even religious but simply because you are human and in essence a Spiritual Being. When/if it happens to you it will change your life irreversibly. But what you do with that experience and what you make it mean is entirely dependent on the concepts you hold about Reality.

(Thoughts) on THE NATURE OF MIND

There is a reason why masters of Yoga do not advocate psychotherapy as a way to enlightenment or liberation from suffering.  We cannot calm the ocean by standing in its waves.  To calm the ocean we must silence the wind.  The wind is our compulsion to allow our attention to engage with Mind’s apparent reality.  The theory that analysis of Mind will ultimately bring lasting peace is unfortunately a ludicrous one.  Psychoanalysis is rooted in a misconception of the nature of Self.  As my teacher once said, “Mind is endless.”  Without proper understanding Mind will constantly reassert itself because that is its nature.  Mind cannot be brought to stillness by seeking to understand its ramifications.  Mind will melt away when viewed with indifference to its content in the light of the realisation of its true nature; by constantly turning away from its assaults on our tranquillity. Until then we are not Master.  Mind will always reassert itself unless and until we set Mind in its proper place.  That is where the real work is done.  Not in analysis.

(Quote) by Ramana Maharshi. IN CONVERSATION.

I am sharing this because it is so unusual to hear a Master speak about such things that cut across a materialist view of reality.


Maharshi was reading G. U. Pope’s translation of Tiruvachakam and came across the stanzas describing the intense feeling of bhakti as thrilling the whole frame, melting the flesh and bones, etc. He remarked:

“Manickavasagar is one of those whose body finally resolved itself in a blazing light, without leaving a corpse behind.”

Another devotee asked how it could be.

Maharshi said (that) the gross body is only the concrete form of the subtle stuff – the mind. When the mind melts away and blazes forth as light, the body is consumed in that process. Nandanar is another whose body disappeared in blazing light.

Maj. Chadwick pointed out that Elisha disappeared in the same way.  He desired to know if the disappearance of Christ’s body from the tomb was like that.

M.: No. Christ’s body was left as a corpse which was at first entombed, whereas the others did not leave corpses behind.

In the course of conversation, Maharshi said that the subtle body is composed of light and sound and the gross body is a concrete form of the same.

The Lecturer in Physics asked if the same light and sound were cognisable by senses.

M.: No. They are super-sensual. It is like this:

Isvara (Universal) –> Gross form –> Universe
Jiva (Individual) –> Gross form –> Individual body

Isvara (Universal) –> Subtle form –> Sound and Light(Nada, Bindu)
Jiva (Individual) –> Subtle form –> Mind and Prana

Isvara (Universal) –> Primal form –>Atma (Self) (transcendental)
Jiva (Individual) –> Primal form –> Atma (Self) (transcendental)

They are ultimately the same.

The subtle body of the Creator is the mystic sound Pranava, which is sound and light. The universe resolves into sound and light and then into transcendence – Param.

See also – Sant Dnyāneshwar (or Sant Jñāneshwar)

(Quote) by the Dalai Lama – THE PARADIGM SHIFT AWAITS

“Everyone wants a happy life without difficulties or suffering. We create many of the problems we face. No one intentionally creates problems, but we tend to be slaves to powerful emotions like anger, hatred and attachment that are based on misconceived projections about people and things. We need to find ways of reducing these emotions by eliminating the ignorance that underlies them and applying opposing forces.”

(Thoughts) on MAYA

We will do anything for Bliss except surrender up our little Ego with all its opinions and must haves and its complex understanding.  This play is just a drama.  In and of itself the drama has no purpose except to be entertaining.  Be part of the play, do your duty to your utmost ability and seek only to love unconditionally but do not believe that it matters or means anything other than you exist.  It is still only a drama – a beguiling illusion.

We can’t have Infatuation and Attachment and Bliss no matter how noble and high born that attachment might be.  Immersed in Bliss it is impossible to harm another being.  But Ego/Mind is capable of anything so let it go by asking, “Who is the Doer?” and “Who am I”. And when Ego stirs and would possess you, watch it and it will fall silent.

If it is Longing that imprisons you then Long for God.  If you are confused and in conflict then know that all words uttered in Mind are ghosts that have NO meaning.  Do not listen to them.  Ask for guidance with a surrendered heart and the Cosmos is compelled to answer.  It is a Law woven into the very fabric of existence.  It is called Cosmic Synchronicity.