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Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Sri Ramana Maharshi Vasanas themselves are the mind. If there are no vasanas there is no mind. ~Letters, 77. *vasana: habit of the mind; latent tendency or impression'
Definition – What does Vasana mean?
Vasana is a Sanskrit term that refers to a past impression in the mind that influences behavior. Vasanas can be good or bad: for example, responding with love when Someone is in need or, in contrast, responding defensively because a situation triggered a negative memory. In other words, a Vasana is the habitual or automatic response to situations. They can be thought of as ingrained patterns of behavior. Vasana can also mean a desire for or Expectation of something or knowledge derived from memory. (Source: Yogapedia.)

(Pictograms) by The Buddha – THE OX HERDING PICTURES.

The Ox Herding Pictures depict the seekers search for the Self.

The first seven images indicate stages in this search.  Essentially,  they depict the seekers gradual reassurance that once seen the Self will not disappear; that it is there and actually realisable.  But one cannot tether the Ox and remain at one with it because there is another aspect to this process and that is the effect glimpsing the Ox has on one’s Ego/Mind.  The peace that accompanies this realisation is beyond imagining and once experienced the thought that it might depart is unendurable.   But it departs if we try to hold onto it.  So one tries to tether it until one realises that it is Mind that is tethering it and in doing so the Self disappears from sight.  It cannot be tethered.  It was Mind after all that hid it in the first place.  The Ox will stay but only when Ego/Mind is not trying to hold onto it or possess it.  Until at last the two are as one.  The Self is fully realised and searching is over – constant Bliss prevails.  

These images were originally given to me by Geoff, (a friend) as I left for India.  It seemed appropriate that he signed it with a scrawl and that the corner of his gift had been chewed off.  Thank you Geoff.  It came into its own at last.



(Article) on CYMATICS

Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible, typically on the surface of a plate, diaphragm or membrane. Direct ocular viewing of vibrations involves exciting inorganic matter such as particulate matter, pastes (both magnetic and non magnetic) and liquids under the influence of sound, although recent research has extended the range of media to include organic matter 1 and the range of viewing has been extended to include the light microscope. The first image is the wave pattern produce. The second image is a graphic image of chakas. The comparison is beautiful.


Cymatic Images