(Thoughts) on THE NATURE OF MIND

There is a reason why masters of Yoga do not advocate psychotherapy as a way to enlightenment or liberation from suffering.  We cannot calm the ocean by standing in its waves.  To calm the ocean we must silence the wind.  The wind is our compulsion to allow our attention to engage with Mind’s apparent reality.  The theory that analysis of Mind will ultimately bring lasting peace is unfortunately a ludicrous one.  Psychoanalysis is rooted in a misconception of the nature of Self.  As my teacher once said, “Mind is endless.”  Without proper understanding Mind will constantly reassert itself because that is its nature.  Mind cannot be brought to stillness by seeking to understand its ramifications.  Mind will melt away when viewed with indifference to its content in the light of the realisation of its true nature; by constantly turning away from its assaults on our tranquillity. Until then we are not Master.  Mind will always reassert itself unless and until we set Mind in its proper place.  That is where the real work is done.  Not in analysis.

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