In our search for personal peace it never occurs to us at first to do anything other than seek to process happiness as we might possess an object or a lover. This search is futile. In seeking solace in the impermanent it follows that happiness will also be impermanent.

We eventually come to realise that it is only when we wilfully transcend Ego and Mind, and stop trying to possess happiness, that bliss can and must appear, out of the mist where it has been hidden all along.

To live in bliss one must be a Seer and not a thinker. (Swami Bawra) This means giving up believing that we are Mind. Either by simply observing Ego’s impulses and Mind’s chatter as being irrelevant (not Self) or by surrendering these imposters into a sacred fire at the feet of God we are liberated. We cannot possess enlightenment.

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