This is a small part of a conversation between Ramana Maharshi and a Lady Bateman:  His explanation of the nature of Mind is simple.

“There is a fixed state; sleep , dream and waking states are mere movements in it. They are like pictures moving on the screen in a cinema show. Everyone sees the screen as well as the pictures but ignores the screen and takes in the pictures alone. The Jnani however considers only the screen and not the pictures. The pictures certainly move on the screen yet do not affect it. The screen itself does not move but remains stationary. Similarly, a person travels in a train and thinks that he moves. Really speaking he sits and reposes in his seat, and it is the train which is steaming fast. He however superimposes the motion of the train on himself because he has identified himself with the body. He says, “I have passed one station – now another – yet another – and so on”. A little consideration will show that he sits unmoved and the stations run past him. But that does not prevent him from saying that he has travelled all the way as if he exerted himself to move every foot of the way. The Jnani is fully aware that the true state of Being remains fixed and stationary and that all actions go on around him. His nature does not change and his state is not affected in the least. He looks on everything with unconcern and remains blissful himself. His is the true state and also the primal and natural state of being. When once the man reaches it he gets fixed there. Fixed once, fixed ever he will be”

(Thoughts)  So when we engage with trying to find a reason for our anguish or for that gnawing feeling we wake with every morning we are engaging with the dream.  We are lost in the drama.  Trying to figure it all out IS the madness.  Edifices of meaning that seem to solve the problem by offering a reason, provide short term respite, even a sense of elation, but always collapse to be replaced by despair then more edifices. The more intelligent the sufferer the more complex the edifice, the more profound the madness.  Observing the pain (the actual sensation) and not making it mean anything is the only cure.   If in watching an insight comes then that is a bonus.  It takes practice but it’s not impossible.

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