(Quote) by Ramana on PRACTICE.

“Your nature is Peace and Happiness. Thoughts are the obstacles to realisation.  One’s meditation or concentration is meant to get rid of obstacles and not to gain the Self.”

(Talk 462).

One cannot gain what one already has.  The point of practice is not to aquire something.  Ego acquires.  If Ego tries to acquire Bliss then Bliss will elude the seeker forever.  Surrender – the unique act of letting go – is a fundamental Cosmic Law that makes transformation possible.  We cannot become free if we cling to what imprisons us.  Hence non-attachment brings peace.  Though this seems to be a really simple statement it actually expresses the key to understanding a process. We are Bliss.

Spiritual Practice is practice at letting go.  It has absolutely nothing to do with being part of anything or belonging to anything or performing tricks.  That is the business of Ego/Mind.

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